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Russian & Romanian dating site



This is not just any dating site. For many years we have been offering a high level of quality. Our international platform is highly reputable and has enough guarantees for you to meet Russian and Romanian women safely and reliably.


Just look at the satisfied testimonials and their reviews. They themselves recommend the service. They are members who have found a partner thanks to this site.



Another of our objectives is to guarantee the security of the site. That’s why we have a strict control of profiles to ensure that you communicate with real Romanian girls. We check any suspicious profile and, of course, we expel online scammers.


New girls register on the site every day. We are proud to have one of the best and largest databases of women from Romania, Russia and Eastern European countries.


Powerful search

Through one of the most advanced and efficient search engines on the Internet, you will be able to search for your ideal girl.


Help 24/7

We are at your disposal to solve any problem with your account or your subscription. For any questions, you can contact us at any time.

Membership benefits


We distinguish ourselves from other sites by the fact that we let you exchange private contacts without any kind of limitation ( phone, whatsapp, social network profiles…).


Our monitoring service is very rigorous to detect fake profiles. There are only Romanian women on our website who want to have a couple relationship.


For each contact or message you don’t have to pay like on other dating sites. Just like we won’t fill your email inbox with annoying spam.


We have an online translator included inside the page to facilitate the relationship between man and woman.


Here you will be absolutely sure that your private data will be kept confidential. Under no circumstances do we pass on the data to third parties.


An affordable price allows you to become a member to contact any woman on the site. We never hide prices and you can check them right here.


Recently registered girls

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dating romanian women

Women from Romania

On this dating site you can contact single Romanian women. You can also meet girls from Romania who are actively looking for a dating relationship. Thanks to our extensive database and our powerful search engine, it is possible to meet other ladies from Eastern Europe, such as Estonian brides, a Polish girl or Lithuanian women. Using our accurate search engine, you can also search for Romanian women in UK or USA.

For those men who are willing to date women from Romania, the most important thing in this case is to look for a relationship with a girl from this country. First of all, you should consider that finding a partner abroad is a more or less process that can take some time, unlike other online sites and applications. Secondly, the Romanian women on this site want a relationship with a man abroad and that is why it is best to look for the most suitable dating sites that offer this type of ladies looking for relationships outside their country. Another important point to find women from Romania is to search on Trusted pages and this means that the profiles have already gone through a resource or moderation before being published on the official page. For our part, we always recommend that you look for women who have similar hobbies and a similar lifestyle with which you can be more successful when searching a Romanian woman. Once you are registered on this page you can start looking for your ideal partner and in this way, you can use the search engine with the search parameters that you want. Single Romanian women are always open, willing to men and ready for relationships and thus find their partner. We are going to explain in detail the steps to follow. First, register for free and without obligation on this page and then you can use the most advanced search filters, which you can select according to the country in this case Romania and the type of women you like the most. Next you should know that you will need to create your own profile. Of course we recommend that you take some time and upload your best photos. Romanian women will be able to see your public profile and thus be able to contact you. And vice versa you will be able to choose between the profiles that most attract you and in this way you will be able to contact freely and you will be able to obtain answers according to the type of woman you are looking for. The women of Romania are delighted to be able to talk and communicate with you and thus you will be able to establish a relationship with them. Please you must always be respectful in communication. So son’t think about it anymore.  Sign up now and start meeting Romanian women’s

Meet Romanian women’s

Did you know that on this dating site we have one of the best databases in the world and so you can see for yourself just by searching by doing a simple search with our search engines. To meet Romanian women’s is easier today for sure. They are easy to deal with and generally do not have problems in relationships nor do they put conditions.  In Romania, women live a simple and humble life and do not have high expectations. They usually have a life in the city or the rural parts of the country, now they are actively looking for partners with a single man, instead they sometimes prefer to have a better life with a foreign man. That is why it is a great opportunity for foreign men to meet Romanian women’s and we encourage you from this page to register right now and start finding your woman.

Romanian women in UK USA

If you are interested in meeting Romanian women living in the UK or USA then you can make use of our advanced search engine, one of the most extensive databases that exist. To search for Romanian women residing in USA or UK, you simply have to mark the option by country, in this case in USA or UK, and coinciding with the Romanian language parameter. Only in this way will you be able to find Romanian girls in the USA or UK. In this way, you will also find other ladies from Eastern European countries, such as a Russian lady in the UK or the USA.

bucharest girls

Bucharest Women 

Romania is a country with a population of almost 20 million inhabitants. In the capital Bucharest Romanian women live a lot. Therefore, for foreign men it is a great opportunity to meet single ladies in Romania or other cities like Timisoara.  Bucharest women are known in many places around the world. They have a kind and simple character and at the same time they are sophisticated like a typical modern city girl. Despite this, they always dress elegantly and take great care of their appearance. Appearances aside, we know that Bucharest women are culturally rich and traditional in their way of thinking. This means that they have a different mentality from the rest of the cities in other Western countries. Normally Bucharest girls go for a walk with friends or relatives, visit a museum, spend time in a park or go to celebrations of acquaintances. In Bucharest It is always a good time to meet ladies spontaneously. Nowadays online dates are popular among Bucharest women and for this reason they sign up to international sites like this one to contact foreigners. So if you are interested in ladies abroad this is a good option to meet women in Bucharest.

Bucharest girls 

In internet communications they say that there are no distances and this may be something in favor of users who are looking for a partner online. It is also the case of single Bucharest girls who decide to register on dating sites. Here you can communicate with them effectively and directly. We want to give you some recommendations for safe dates with Romanian girls in Bucharest. First of all, if you want a date in person you must meet them in public places. Then you must be nice to them, inviting her to a cafe or restaurant. Bucharest girls appreciate generous men. To reach an agreement, before the appointment, you must meet her through this site, and you must follow all the steps that you can read throughout this page. Safe internet dating is guaranteed thanks to this site, you just have to register today to start meeting Bucharest women.


Romania dating culture

The dating culture in Romania is very different from that of western countries. In Romania, girls still have traditional customs, like going to church, or getting married. It is rare to see party girls or meet girls at night in Slavic countries. Girls generally meet boys in a traditional way, through friendships, at school, college or work. Surely the Romanian dating culture has nothing to do with what you have seen in your country

romanian woman

Romanian woman

Did you know that there is a secret in Romania? The woman. what do you look like ladies really? Here we will explain more in detail about it. They are actually very simple and they are traditional they are feminine they have a cultural background. In the Slavic countries, many ancient traditions are maintained like this even in terms of marriage and relationships. For the Romanian woman, the family is very important, of course, and she follows the cultural traditions. They are psyched for long-term relationships, unlike many western countries. They do not follow feminist ideas and that is why we see that the Romanian woman is faithful throughout her life in the relationship with a man. On the other hand Physically we see that it has the typical features of the Slavic countries. A woman in Romania take care of her physical appearance and take care of themselve throughout her live, that’s why we can see beautiful ladies over 50.  Finally we want to leave some tips so that you can be successful in dating.

 Romanian woman dating

-First of all we want to warn you that you have never sent money online when dating a Romanian woman that you have not seen in person. Secondly, you must make sure that the girl is real and therefore can communicate through video chat. Thirdly, if you agree with her for a date, we advise you to look better in public places. Women from Romania will accept a date if you invite to dinner or coffee she will appreciate your chivalry. Finally, we always recommend that at the time of dating Romanian women you be a neat gentleman and treat them with education.

Marrying a Romanian woman for marriage

In case you want to marry a Romanian woman, we will explain more in detail. 

For Romanian girls, marriage and family life are very important. Girls in Romania are brought up in a traditional way from a young age. Contrary to Western women, Romanian girls are oblivious to feminism and the latest fashion trends, and have respect for traditional values, such as marriage. 

 Thus, it is not surprising that they want to get married and start a family at a young age. The most important thing in their life is relationships, and that is why Romanian women  want to find a man for marriage, spend free time with him and start a family.

 Unfortunately, in Western countries it is very common to find single men who cannot find a life partner. Hence, it is a necessity that sites like this one exist to help you meet beautiful Romanian women.

 If you are looking for ladies from other Eastern European countries, here we offer you a great variety, for example, Latvian women , or Moldavian girls, or a ukrainian woman for marriage.

romanian girls

 Romania girls

On this dating platform , you can meet Romanian girls freely and without any kind of limitation. You can exchange messages and contacts in private and without any problem you can continue the relationship with them outside the website. If you wish, you can become a member with the most comfortable membership plan for you. 

In contrast to other free dating sites with Romanian women, here we check each profile one by one. On the other hand, we do not admit in any way that women ask for money from our members and, in such a situation, we delete it immediately. 

Moreover, this site is not part of the mail-order bride business. We cannot guarantee that we will bring a woman to your home, but we can guarantee that you will contact real Romanian girls.

 Over the last few years we have gotten to know them  better because of the availability of the media and social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Throughout history they have played an important role, for example in the mountains, and one owes important events. Some girls from Romania are models others are important athletes, tennis players. Some girls are models others many of them compete in international sports ans are important athletes or tennis players. In addition, we know today that Romanian girls are famous for their beauty and physical appearance. For those men with the intention of having dates with these ladies, we recommend many tips throughout this page, so we advise you to read each and every one of the recommendations. Before meeting any Romanian girl you should know that they are real people with emotions. Therefore, when you are communicating through this platform with one of them, then you will know their feelings and we recommend talking about these issues. Please don’t talk about how much money I have in the bank or your beautiful cars, you just have to connect with that lady emotionally. To meet Romanian girls it is necessary to be patient and have a way of being respectful.

 beautiful Romania girl

We want to leave you some useful tips to meet your Beautiful Romanian girl, first of all you have to register on this site for free. Next you will have to search among all the profiles that you like using the search engine according to your own criteria. Thirdly it is very important to have a profile on the page in this way, the Romanian girls will be able to see your description and how you are. So, the next step is to write your first message and that’s why we HIGHLY recommend preparing your cover letter in detail. You will have to wait a while and then you will receive some answer from a Romanian girl. You should know that not all ladies will answer in the same way, it is even possible that you will not receive any answer, that is why we want to give you the last piece of advice, please, write your intentions in detail. These weapons have a different mentality and you should know that they will appreciate the most gentle and chivalrous men. So if you want to meet your beautiful Romanian girl, don’t hesitate to register on this dating site without thinking twice. In the event that you are a single man you can always find an opportunity on this page and we want you to know that you can also find tips with which you can know if this adventure is for you. You must be calm, because here and in Romania beautiful girls, you will always find. 


Average girls from Romania features

If you want to know more about the character and physique of Romanian girls, let’s take a look at some features of them. Contrary to women from Western countries, average Romanian girls are very different, because first of all, they are very feminine, they care about themselves and their physical appearance to remain attractive throughout their life.  In this sense, we can even find beautiful Romanian women beyond the age of 40.

We are all surprised by the innate beauty of the  girls from Romania . But according to them, physical beauty is not everything in life. Instead, they cultivate their character, are educated and have higher academic degrees. Therefore, if you want to meet a Romanian girl, you should be nice to her and treat her politely.

Hot sexy Romanian beauties photos

On this this page we want to invite you to meet beautiful hot sexy beautiful Romanian beauties. You just have to take a look at the photos of these girls and you will realize their beauty. if you are a man willing to date foreign women then this is the best place to find them. Sexy Romanian beauties will be delighted to meet you and thus in this way you can have an intimate contact with them. Did you know that it is much easier to meet foreign girls here than in your own country?

On the other hand we want to recommend that for you to have successful dates you should make a profile with your photos and to contact the Romanian beauties. Then you will have to select thanks to our advanced search engine among the photos of the profiles of the hot Romanian women.

Romanian babes hotties

Apart from this, we want to leave you with some safety tips. In the first place, you should always look for safe places that have guarantees to find beautiful Romanian hotties. Then you should know that the best pages are those that have a fake profile control service.Of course this feature is very important.  We only recommend those dating sites in Romania with verified profiles for registered members to communicate with authentic Romanian beauties. only members who registered on this page could find an ideal girl and You just have to go to the testimonials section where many men found the Romanian hotties of their choice. The steps to follow are simple, register today and start contacting them and then you can see more photos and contact the beautiful sexy Romanian babes. 

Romania dating sites

If you are currently in the internet looking to find in Romanian dating sites then you will see many of them in the search results. This is quite normal, but we must warn you of the consequences of your search. First of all we advise you not to search on local applications. You will only find local women and  Romanian girls rarely register there. The first most useful advice that you register on specialized dating sites in Romania.   Secondly, there are free pages on the internet and you must know how to differentiate which ones are good and which ones are bad. A good Romanian dating site is one that allows you to contact women directly with no additional payment or conditions. Those bad pages are the ones that allow uncontrolled registration and that is why they have many fake profiles with stolen photos of Romanian hotties. Sometimes you may think that free services are an advantage, but this has nothing to do with precisely the Romanian dating sites that offer guarantees are the best and safest. In this way you must search safely in those platforms that have a control of profiles.

dating site romania

Apart from this you should look for dating sites that have one of the largest databases and you will have more opportunities. That is why many consider us to be the best Romania dating site, since here you can find your ideal type of woman. We have a lot of experience in the world of flirting online dating in Romania and that is why we invite all single men to search here for their relationship partner safely. here you will undoubtedly find some of the best reviews on the entire Internet. here you will undoubtedly find some of the best reviews on the entire Internet. You can see in the testimonials section happy clients who were already members of this Romanian dating site, and they found a relationship here. That is why we encourage all those who are not registered, sign up right now and start communicating with the ladies without obligation.  If you want to flirt online in Romania on this dating website anything is possible.

Romania ladies

 As we have mentioned before on this dating site you can be sure to find Romanian ladies and you will have the approved verification of all the profiles. We want to warn you that there are online scams and one of our top priorities is to offer security and the page. For this reason each Romanian lady is individually verified.  On the other hand in this sense we are not the typical dating site in Romania that sells mail brides, but we must be cautious and offer the highest quality. Here you can exchange messages without paying extra and instead of sending purchased addresses, here you can exchange contacts with Romanian ladies of your choice. This is the main difference with others with other pages here, here we offer one is minimum guarantees. If you are wondering how to date single Romanian ladies, you are in the right place.

Single romanian ladies

The best way to search for your ideal partner is first of all using the search engines and the advanced engine of our page. In this way, you will be able to see all the profiles of single Romanian ladies. Then, you will be able to select among the profiles that you like the most and start contacting them. One of the things we highly recommend is to create your own profile with your own photos and then you can write a detailed essay of yourself. If you are interested in a Romanian woman in particular, you just have to send the first message and then you can communicate with her by exchanging personal contacts such as phone or social profiles as  facebook. It is necessary to prepare your introductory message a little in advance to be more successful in the responses. Single Romania ladies will be delighted to receive your words and some will reply and some will obviously not reply.  This is real dating like in real life.

 Romanian singles

Never before has it been so easy to contact women in other parts of the world and this is a great opportunity to contact them online. There are also a lot of  Romanian singles and it is a great opportunity for men from all over the world to be able to flirt them. And also the steps are very simple in the first place, register now in the second place, look for your ideal profile, in the third place contact them.  It’s that easy to find because we offer you quality dating Romanian singles. 

Please, do not waste time on other pages that do not have guarantees. Only those sites that offer quality dating, you have real contacts with Romanian single women. 

This site is only for the most demanding members and here you will find many features. This site is only for the most demanding members and here you will find many. To contact Romanian singles you can use the translator integrated in the online platform. 

Romania brides

In many countries of our planet, single men are meeting brides from Romania. On this page we give you the opportunity to date as we have a lot of experience in the online world. Here you can see many members who have already found a Romanian bride. If you are one of those men who want to have the same luck, you are in the right place. You can see the testimonials in the section especially that shows the successes of our users. Searching for Romanian brides is more attainable nowadays. That is why we invite you to register for free without any conditions. You will be able to see all the profiles, simply searching with your personal parameters. It’s as easy as deciding now and not wasting time on other platforms. We encourage you to sign up today to find in Romania brides

romanian girlfriend

In the event that men who want to find a Romanian girlfriend we offer a great possibility on this site and they are simply looking for a relationship as a challenge of course you must first choose a good dating site in Romania then you must choose between the brides that they are going to throw in the search engine of the dating site simply with a simple search you will be able to search in the results of the profile that you are looking for of the woman that you want, then you will be able to contact the Romanian girlfriend that you like the most. The next step is to write a personalized message and you will be able to send it privately. We always recommend taking the time to write your own profile and upload some photos of yourself. The next step is to write a personalized message and you will be able to send it privately. We always recommend taking the time to write your own profile and upload some photos of yourself. here unlike other sites you can exchange personal contacts and you will not have any restrictions, so don’t think twice about it, you are in the right place to meet Romanian brides

Romanian women marriage culture

The marriage culture in Romania you have to know is very different from other countries.  First of all, the most important thing for Romanian women is their wedding day.  They want to marry a man for life. Culturally they are traditional and they are also traditional in marriage traditions. The dating culture is also very different, in Romania girls don’t usually go out to party to get drunk, nor are they used to night clubs. That is why they prefer to stay at home with family or friends and enjoy a moment with them. the romanian culture of marriage in is also typical of Slavic countries. That mentality is common with other Eastern European countries.  In this sense, they do not share the ideas of feminism of modern Western countries.  In relationships, Romania women are faithful and are not promiscuous. Usually these girls do not usually drink and they do it exceptionally on special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries. That’s why in Romania the marriage dating culture and mentality is different from other countries in the West.

Romanian ladies for marriage

For single Roman ladies, marriage is very important in their lives, as we have already mentioned, that is why many foreign men look for a Romanian wife because they are one of the best options. They are good housewives, they cook well and take care of the children and relationships with her husband is the most important thing. Unlike Western culture, Romanian family values ​​are more important and priority tasks for single Romanian ladies seeking marriage. That is why it is a great opportunity for men from these countries to find an ideal partner on this page. Many men here have already found a Romanian wife, so now it’s your turn.

Romanian females

Traditionally, Romanian females are culturally different from other parts of the planet and share many of the characteristics of the Slavic countries. Education is part of their lives. They are characterized by being culturally more educated than in other countries and, for example, they learn languages, and obtain university degrees. So for any man interested in Romanian females, You must take into account that you have to be polite with them and have a gentlemanly attitude. 

So don’t think twice and sign up on this site right now to meet Romanian females. 

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