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Azerbaijan dating site


Our Azerbaijan dating site has been consistently serving single men successfully for many years. It is not just any dating site. It offers quality and guarantees that you can safely and effectively contact Azerbaijani women.


Both satisfied male and female users leave their positive reviews about the service. All you have to do is take a look at the comments below.



We place safety as one of our top priorities. For that reason, we check one by one the profiles that are registered on the site. Of course, we delete scammers and fake profiles.


We have one of the largest databases of profiles of girls from Eastern Europe and Russia, actively looking for a relationship. More and more women are registering on this site every day.


Powerful search

Search engine is one of the most powerful in the internet, so that you can search for your ideal lady. All parameters of search are available: by country, age, language, city and much more.


Help 24/7

We will help you find what you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about your profile, your membership or other members.

Membership benefits


You can exchange contact privately without restrictions with other women here, ( phone numbers, whatsapp, social network accounts) this makes us different from other dating sites.


 Fake profiles are detected and eliminated by us thanks to rigorous control, unlike other free sites.


Here is not the kind of page where you pay for each message or contact. You can be sure that we don’t send spam.


An integrated translator is located within the site beside the message board to make it easier for men and ladies to communicate with each other.


Sensitive data is kept completely confidential by us. We do not in any case pass on private data to anyone.


For one affordable price, you can be a member. Best quality / price ratio of dating sites on the whole Internet.


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Azerbaijan women

Dating Azerbaijan women


Do you want to date women from Azerbaijan? In our dating agency you can meet single Azerbaijani women . Here you can contact Azerbaijan girls who are seeking for a relationship. Through our extensive database and our efficient search engine, you can also meet more Eastern ladies, such as dating Kazakhstan women, Uzbekistan ladies, or Kyrgyzstan girls

If you want to get acquainted with other cultures, for example know more about what does a polish woman look like, how to marry an armenian woman , know about the Kazakhstan dating culture or how to marry a ukrainian woman, you are in the right place.

Azerbaijan woman

Real single Azerbaijani woman


Dating a single woman from Azerbaijan has become easier today, no matter how far away you are. On our site, you can meet Azerbaijani women without limits. Private message and contact exchange is possible and later you can continue the relationship outside the site. You can become a member according to the most affordable membership plan for you.

Every profile is checked one by one, compared to other free dating sites. In another way, we do not permit ladies to ask for money from our members and, in case this happens, we remove her immediately.
Additionally, we are not involved in the mail-order bride business. We can’ t guarantee the delivery of a lady to your home, however we can assure you that you will get in contact with real women from Azerbaijan.

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Baku girls Azerbaijan ladies

Azerbaijan ladies dating culture

If you want to know more about the Azerbaijan dating culture and the character of Azerbaijan ladies, then let’s take a look at some of their features.

Contrary to western countries, Azerbaijan dating culture is very different. First of all, girls are raised in a traditional way, so they don’t lead a bad life, hanging out in nightclubs to drink nonstop until they get drunk. Azerbaijan women take care of their appearance in order to remain attractive all their lives. You can even find beautiful Azerbaijan women over the age of 40.

All over the world are amazed by the innate beauty of beautiful Azerbaijani women. However, physical appearance is not everything in life for them. Rather, they have a cultivated character, cultivated, and have greater academic achievements. That is why if you want to date an Azerbaijan woman, you need to be nice to her and treat with manners.

Baku girls

Azerbaijan is a country with a population of 10 million people. In the capital Baku many girls live there . That is why it is a great chance for foreign men to meet Azerbaijan women in Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan.

Marry Kazakh girl for marriage

Just in case you are searching for marriage with a Azerbaijani woman, here we are going to explain more in detail.
For girls from Azerbaijan, marriage and family are the primary things in their life. Azerbaijan ladies are educated in a conventional way from the school. Different from Western women, Azerbaijan girls respect traditional values, such as marriage, and are alien to feminism.
For that reason they want to get married and have a family at their early age. The relationship is the most important thing in their lives, and that’s why Azerbaijan girls are ready for marriage.

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