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Our Moldova dating site offer users the guarantee of truthful, risk-free and effective communication. Our site is not new. We have been successfully matching Eastern European women with foreign men for many years.


The service is guaranteed by our own satisfied users. There are real testimonials that they found a real and genuine Moldova woman through this very site. Just have a look at the comments below



We consider the safety of our users to be very important. All Moldovan women registered on the platform pass a check to avoid fake photos and online scammers. We remove non-active, suspicious profiles and online scammers.

Daily updates

 Every day new profiles of single women from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern European countries are registered on the dating site.


Advanced search

 We have one of the most complete search engines, with which you can find through various parameters the type of Russian girl of your choice.



We will help you with any questions you may have and solve any problems related to your profile, membership or problems with other members. We want to help you 24 hours a day

Membership benefits


The exchange of personal contacts, mobile, email or social network profiles has no restrictions.


 Moldovan women on our site are actively looking for a partner. Additionally, we have a service of validation and removal of fake profiles. You can report a suspicious person if he/she asks you for money.


 We are not the kind of site where you have to pay for contacts or sending letters. We certainly don’t pay women to get in touch in the chat. All women sign up of their own free will.


In order to facilitate communication with the ladies, we have an online translator on the site. You can write messages, translate them and send them instantly.


See next to each Russian girl’s profile a psychological compatibility bar. (in case you have done your psychological test yourself). Find out if you are compatible with that Russian woman or not.


First of all, we take care of the privacy of our members. Under no circumstances do we interfere with your messages or sell your data to anyone. Your profile has privacy options and your photos can be made invisible or deleted at any time.


No hidden costs. You can end your membership at any time.


How to meet Moldova women for dating

We are a legitimate international Moldova dating agency. On our site you can meet real single Moldavian women who are really looking for a man outside their country. You can also search for a single Russian woman, marrying a ukrainian woman , and dating Eastern European girls with our advanced search engine.

When dating women of Moldova it is essential to know that they are looking for men for serious relationships. Depending on the degree of commitment and involvement in the relationship, it is possible to meet a single Moldovan woman here and for that we want to recommend some simple tips;

  • First of all, it is important to choose a good dating site in Moldova where the ladies go through a strict profile control.
  • Secondly, you should know that ladies look at the lifestyle of men and therefore look for a lady who feels comfortable. For example, we suggest looking for women of your same age group and hobbies in common. But everyone knows what he wants in life, and you can choose Moldovan women of any type to find the ideal match.
  • Third, if you want to be successful in online dating, you will need to create a detailed profile with your best photos.
  • Then use the advanced search engine according to your own parameters and write an introductory message to explain your intentions. Please take some time before sending any messages and take care of Moldovan women with respect. Sometimes they respond, sometimes they don’t. It will depend on many factors. We always advise to be patient and open to meeting a Moldovan lady. In this way you will have more success and you will be able to have real dates in person thanks to this site.

Did you know that there are many single Moldavian women who date foreign men? Every day we see more international couples and this phenomenon is increasing.

meet a moldavian woman

How to find Singles in Moldova 


If you have a preference for looking for singles Moldovan woman, it is possible to find them on our dating site. You just have to select the best type of your preference in the search filters. Both mature and young Moldovan women often register here to find an older or similar age partner. You should know that single women without children, or with a child, generally have higher education such as a university degree. The Moldova Singles women are easier to get along with and more available for a relationship, often putting no conditions on interested men. We want to ensure that here you will find a single Moldovan woman of your liking. To do this you can use the search engine and choose an age group that interests you and then select the lady that interests you. We hope you are lucky as many lucky men have found their Moldova woman here.

How to Date a Moldovan woman online

  • To meet a single Moldovan woman, never send her money online. If she asks, she surely is a scammer.
  • An honest lady, even in real life, will never ask you for money for anything.
  • She only asks for private contacts when there is mutual trust with the lady.
  • On a real date, it is better to meet together in a public place for your safety.
  • Be gentlemanly and invite the Moldovan woman to a cafe or restaurant. You will appreciate the detail. Please note that refusing an invitation can be offensive in these countries.
  • At the time of having a relationship with a single Moldovan woman, you must be clear with your intentions


Moldova women for marriage

On our Moldovan dating agency we have one of the best database of Moldova women for marriage. Some of these ladies from the east want to marry a foreign man and so they decide to sign up here.

Marriage is very important for Moldova women as it means creating a family, and being able to fulfill oneself as a woman. They consider that getting married is the next step to formalize a serious relationship. You should know that in case you are single and married, you are in the right place if you are seriously willing to marry a Moldovan woman.

We know from experience, every day that foreign men come to this international page because they can’t find a partner in their country, or they find a girl with these traditional values.

Moldova women think in marriage because they have a different mindset.

That is why we have good news, since this site is a solution for all those who find themselves in this situation. You’ve probably already searched the internet with no luck. Don’t give up. We want you to see the testimonials section of our site, men from all over the world married a Moldova woman, and currently, they fell in love, live happily together, formed a family with children, because they managed to find Moldova women for marriage.


moldova girls

 Women of Moldova

Women of Moldova are very different from the women of western countries. From the cultural point of view, Moldavian girls keep the feminine part. First of all, they want to be attractive in the eyes of men. They take care of their appearance, figure and health throughout their lives.

That is why we can see beautiful  women of Moldova even after the age of 40. And on the other hand, they preserve the values of traditional life. Already from a young age they are educated in the concept of respect for men and care for the family. They often take care of the household chores.

Therefore, they are very good housewives and good wives. Women of Moldova are hard-working and, after work, devote much of their time to family and children. They do not have a large salary, but they use their savings for their personal care. Women from Moldova are not subject to the influence of feminism in Western countries. Because of women’s liberation or gender equality, Western women are losing their role as women. In Western countries, the role of the family is no longer so important and women give more priority to their profession, their work or their friendships. This is not the case for women of Moldova.

For them, family life comes first and foremost. Foreign Men, on the other hand, find it more difficult to find women with these traditional values. Through our website you can find real women from Moldova,  who are really looking for a relationship outside their country. Here you can choose the ladies with whom you want to communicate freely and continue a relationship off the site.

Here you can also search for russian dating in UK or USA. If you are also interested in Kiev women and Odessa,  or Minsk women  we recommend using our advanced search and you will find single girls from other cities.


If you are looking for a good russian dating agency ,  a belarus girl for marriage, or a polish lady you can find more minded girls in with our advanced search engines, Latvia dating site, Estonia dating site, Lithuanian dating site

Moldova Chisinau women

Moldova Chisinau women

The Chisinau women of Moldova have the character of a typical city woman, and in general they have a busier life, and for this reason among others, they find it difficult to find a partner in the city. Women of Chisinau spends her time with friends and family, shopping or with loved ones. Being located in the interior of the country, in summer it is hotter than on the coast. Despite being a poor country, the capital is richer. Nowadays online dating is very popular in Moldova and many single Chisinau women decide to sign up to talk and meet men outside the country. 

Girls in Chisinau

For foreigners it is more effective than ever to meet these girls in Chisinau through this online site, and also one of the features is that these ladies are easier to flirt with than in other countries. We always advise secure online dating beforehand and later in-person dating with Chisinau women. You can now chat with girls from Chisinau today. You can start meeting a woman of any age and continue the relationship outside of this dating site. We always advise meeting in person, because it is the best way to really get to know someone. If you prefer online communication before the actual date, it is also advisable to establish a stronger relationship. We hope that Then you will be able to meet in real life with the girls from Chisinau.

How is a Moldovan wife?

Did you know that the Moldova wife is one of the best in the world? These ladies traditionally have many values, for example they value family, traditions and relationships throughout life. On the other hand, they want a happy family and also, they take care of the housework, they are good housewives, cooking with pleasure, and that is why they say they are the best. If we take physical appearance into account, a Moldova wife takes care of herself even when she is older. Relationships are also important to share life with your man. They have respect for the husband, they had an education to be a Moldova wife. Apart from this, we know that these girls think differently from Western countries, since in Moldova they are not in favor of feminism. They consider that women should take care of domestic chores and take care of the family, and on the other hand, men should provide resources. In this sense, if you are a serious man, this adventure is for you. Finding a Moldova wife for marriage today is easier. From here, we are going to help you fulfill your dreams to find your Moldavian girl. 

Moldova trafficking mail order bride 

We want to warn you that a Moldovan wife cannot be sold or trafficked because they are not merchandise like objects. women deserve respect, and you must not think that a Moldovan wife can be bought by mail order bride.  From our Moldovan wife  agency we advise you to be realistic, because here it is about meeting people with feelings and therefore, in no case, it is not about buying and selling a Moldovan wife. So, We are not a kind of moldova mail order bride site and moldova women trafficking is not allowed here.  We just want to wish you luck in your search and we hope you find a bride like many members have already done. To find your Moldovan wife you have to be a man with patience and be willing to meet new people. We want you to have the same luck as the couples in the testimonials section. To start looking for your Moldovan wife, we invite you to register now.

Moldova wife agency

Browsing the internet for “Moldova wife agency”, you can see a lot of results there. To find real singles from Moldova, you should know that the most efficient thing to do is to search on a legal dating site specializing in Moldovan women. We know that there are more online dating applications, but there you will only find girls from your area. Also that there are free dating sites that only have the advantage of not having to pay anything to be a member. Although it may seem like an advantage, in reality, these free Moldovan marriage agencies do have many disadvantages. The basic difference between a free page and ours is mainly that there is no fake profile removal service. Due to this problem, there is no control, and that is why we find sites that are full of scammers because they create fake profiles of Moldovan women non-stop. We want to affirm from our Moldovan wife agency that you will be in good hands. 

Marriage agency Moldova

A free dating site does not offer this guarantee. Therefore, from here we always suggest choosing a good marriage agency in Moldova like this one. Besides, we have one of the largest databases on the entire internet. And we also have a lot of experience in detecting online scammers. We are recognized as the most legitimate because we delete all suspicious profiles and immediately delete them from our database. In addition, In our marriage agency Moldova you will find the best opinions. Please take a look at the testimonials who already found a Moldova wife on our marriage agency and join right now


What does Moldavian women looks like? 

In Moldavia there is a very well kept secret long time ago: Moldavian women. Perhaps In other past times, these girls were not known because it is a small country in a corner of the world. Few men knew little of them.

But now it is different, since we have the internet and we can know more, we can even date Moldavian women online. We know much more currently, as they are, the features and characteristics of it. They say that the real wealth of Moldova is not the country, but dating  Moldavian women.

So, this fact may be of interest to men looking for a partner in another country. Also thanks to a powerful search engine using your parameters, you can then date single girls of Moldova who are looking for a man for serious purposes.

All Moldavian women are subject to individual control, to offer a site with maximum security when contacting the ladies. Therefore, if you want to be a successful date, please read the recommendations for Moldavian women who date with you. First of all, sign up for free here, and don’t give up searching. We just honestly want your success, we wish you to find your ideal partner and we hope it will help you when dating Moldavian women.

Why this is the best Moldova dating site

 We are specialized in dating moldova and we are an international site in eastern european countries. The Moldovan woman here is looking for a man for serious goals. It often happens that girls in Moldova dating for various reasons, do not find a single man and then register on an international dating site like this.

For those members who are looking for a partner here, they should know that you have to look where to look for it effectively. Dating a Moldova woman nowadays is easier, and if you are really serious, you should make your intentions clear from the beginning.

In an international relationship you have to have time and be willing to meet Moldavian women. Only men who are successful in life, decided to register on our site, and that is why we invite you to see the testimonials section. Of course, we recommend being a member of our Moldovan dating site, but we also recommend not choosing any site on the Internet and typing the words “Moldova dating” in the search engine, You must select those pages with guarantees to date Moldavian women safely.

For these reasons, we are chosen as one of the best dating in Moldavia; Here, it is possible to communicate without restrictions or conditions with Moldovan women of your choice and without any problem you can exchange contacts freely. Sign up as a member now, don’t hesitate! so select the best membership plan for you and start contacting the ladies.

Moldova dating culture

Moldova’s dating culture is very different from other western countries and his nightlife. Moldovan women usually don’t party regularly, there are few night clubs in the cities and they only drink on occasions like an anniversary or a wedding for example. They don’t even go to bars or clubs because they prefer to stay at home with friends or family. Moldavian ladies do not lead a bad life and often lead a healthy lifestyle. Compared to other Western countries, Moldova’s nightlife and dating culture has nothing to do with these girls. Generally, they prefer to go out in nature, read a book or be with friends playing something fun. Moldavian women are culturally different in dating, and sometimes it is easier to have a spontaneous date on the street, in a cafe or walking in a park. Not in a nightclub. So, to find a woman, it is best to meet her in person and we advise you to previously have contact with the lady’s consent from a dating site and thus find common ground. Later in the appointment in person, be a success. For these reasons, the dating culture in Moldova is very different.

Moldovan girlfriend

We see how lucky men are more and more on this dating site every day, because they found their Moldovan girlfriend and leave positive opinions. For single men looking for a partner, this is your chance. And thank you that we have the Internet to meet Moldovan brides and to facilitate communication. This is the case with this site, where many members have already been able to date a Moldovan woman and leave a good review about us. Of course, you must think that this is one of the best Moldovan dating sites on the whole Internet, compared to other dating sites. For those who want to date a Moldovan girlfriend, just register here for free and without obligation.

How are Moldova brides

In many countries of the world, men are looking for Moldova brides. This dating site has a long experience and here you can see satisfied testimonials who are now living with their Moldovan brides. Currently these happy couples moved in together, fell in love, got married, and had children. Only for serious men who want to find a Moldovan bride, we recommend that you join as a member of this dating site to start meeting her.

How to find your bride

  • In the event that you want to look for a Moldova bride, you must first know that it is a challenge since meeting a lady who is looking for a relationship.
  • In this case, the most important thing is to find a good dating site with Moldovan brides that offers a minimum of real guarantees.
  • Next, you must choose a profile that you like, and for this we suggest looking for girls in the same age range as yours. Here you can enjoy searching one of the largest online databases of Moldovan brides and in this way it is possible to find your ideal partner.
  • Of course, looking for a lady online today is easier than ever, but we want to give some practical advice, and you should know that you have to be a patient man in this adventure when finding your Moldovan bride.
  • Next, it is advisable to create a good profile in detail with the good photos of yourself and then write the first message without conditions.
  • To send your first words, take the necessary time for it and explain your intentions to the lady. To be successful, we sincerely want you to find Moldova brides here.


Meet Moldova ladies

On this dating site, you can be sure from the start, to meet real single Moldova ladies online, but keep in mind that all profiles are screened because there are online scammers and for that reason we are very strict before posting real profiles.

In addition, we are not a typical Moldovan mail-order dating site, nor do we give away our members’ privacy to third parties. We can say that we are one of the few online platforms different from other free dating sites that sell “mail order brides”, therefore we are a completely legal page with single and real Moldova ladies looking for a partner.

Here it is possible to freely exchange contacts such as whatsapp, phone, social networks, etc. as many times as you wish. For men interested in dating a single Moldovan lady, we invite you to find your ideal match.

Moldova Single Ladies

If you are looking for a life partner, on this page, you can register and start looking for Moldova Single Ladies, simply by using our search filters, if you are interested in a specific country like Moldova, you just have to select a country filter, in this case, just search for single Moldova women near you and this way the system will show the final results.

On the other hand, there are some dating applications with local women, but it is not the same, because they only show local women and you will not find Moldova Single Ladies there. For this reason, the best option is to choose sites specialized in single Moldovan ladies. We also offer one of the largest online Moldova dating databases, so you can find all kinds of single girls. If you are a man with ambition, this is for you, since we also have advanced features such as an online translator, forums with real users, and a powerful search engine for the most demanding user. You should not waste your time on sites that are not worth it, because some do not offer quality, that is why we have one of the best dating sites and you will always find Moldova Single Ladies online.


What do Girls of Moldova looks like?

Without a doubt, girls of Moldova have been very active over the years. For example, in the past, it played an important role, for example in the second world war, Moldavian girls were skillful in helping in the campaigns. On the other hand, these women are also active in sports and news when we see them, some of them working as models or doing athletics. Girls of Moldova are simply one of the best. Today it is possible to date a woman, as soon as you meet online, and we can say that girls of Moldova are genuine people. For men who want to find a partner, they should know that the ladies also decide who to go out with on a serious date. You must be honest with yourself. To have a successful date, you can ask the lady to meet in a public place, always with the consent of the lady. First of all, we suggest you write the first introduction message and make your best detailed profile. To have a date, here you will communicate with girls from Moldova.

How is a Moldova girl mentality

If you want to meet a Moldova girl, it is good to know that in Moldova they have a different mentality compared to the rest of the countries. To begin with, these ladies take care of femininity, they are precious to feel sexy for men. Have you ever wondered why there are so many attractive girls in Moldova? Here we see those very specific traits of these ladies and they have traditional values ​​that we do not find in other women in the world. Of course, we advise that you have to be an honest man to meet a single Moldova girl. To date a lady, you simply have to join for free. If you are a member, you will have the option to speak freely with the ladies and ask for private contacts.

Surely you will have the possibility to date a genuine single Moldovan girl. There are other dating sites, our main difference is that the profiles are checked to avoid online scammers.

We do not want to give you illusions that we will send you a free Moldova girl to your city, but we want to advise you that only by registering that you can really meet Girls of Moldova

 Moldavian girls

Did you know that Moldavian girls are the easiest to date? Every day We see how the members have found their girlfriends. On this site it is easy to meet them because to begin you can use our advanced search engine to find girls of Moldova. You can simply be a member of this website for free. Here always, we offer the best quality and you can choose the membership that best suits your needs. However, if you start sending your first messages, and in the event that you do not receive a positive response, we recommend that you do not give up easily. Everyone has their own strategy, there are those who manage to talk to women more easily, and others take longer to receive answers. We highly advise creating a personal profile in detail and this way you will get a high response rate.

We are so sure that finding Moldavian girls is easier thanks to this site. If you want to find the love of your life, Moldavian girls are one of the best options

 Transnistria women

Transnistrian women live in one of the poorest areas of Eastern Europe between the countries of Ukraine and Moldova, with the capital located in the city of Tiraspol. They are simple girls and usually live in rural areas of the country. Although Transnistria is truly a country not officially recognized by international organizations, the Transnistria women feel proud to belong to this region.

On our dating site you will be able to find these ladies thanks to the search engines and filters that we have especially and you should only search with the country option selected in Moldova and the city Tiraspol. So, if you are interested in Transnistria woman or Tiraspol women this is already a good option for you so you can register for free and start looking for your ideal partner because not all men search in this region, but if you have decided what is an option suitable then we wish you to meet Transnistria women.

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