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Legitimate Belarus girls dating site 


Our international platform offers the guarantees for users to communicate truthfully, safely and effectively. We are not a new site. We have been successfully matching women from Belarus with men from other countries for many years.


Our own satisfied users endorse the service. We have real testimonials who found Belarus women through this site. Just take a look at the comments



We take the safety of our users seriously. All women from Belarus registered on the platform are checked for fake photos and online scammers. Many of them verify the information. We remove non-active, suspicious profiles and online scammers.

Daily updates

We add new profiles of single Belarusian women, Russia, Ukraine, and other Russian-speaking countries to our dating platform daily. You can also find Belarus ladies in your country if you use advanced search parameters.


Advanced search

We have one of the most complete search engines, in which you can search through various search parameters to find the preferred type of belarusian lady of your preference.



We answer any questions and resolve any issues with your profile, membership or problem with other users.
We want to help you achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to contact us

Membership benefits


No restrictions to exchange personal phone, email or social network profiles.


 Belarus women signed up on our site are actively looking for a partner. Moreover, We include a service of profile moderation and removal of fake profiles. You may report a suspicious user if she asks you for money.


 This is not the kind of site where you have to pay for contacts or letters sent. We don’t pay ladies for communicating in the chat. Each lady registers on her own free will.


To make communication between you and the Belarusian ladies easier we have an online translator within the site. Type letters, translate and send them instantly.


Find next to each Belarus girl’s profile a compatibility bar for psychological compatibility. ( in case you have done yourself your psychological test) Discover if you match with this Belarusian woman or not.


First of all, the privacy of our users is protected. We don’t interfere with messages or even sell the data to anyone. Your profile privacy options and your photos can be made hidden or removed whenever you want.


There are no hidden costs. You can terminate the membership whenever you want.


Newly registered Russian and Belarusian girls

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Marriage agency in Belarus

We are an internationally recognized marriage agency in Belarus. At our site you can find real single Belarusian women who are truly seeking a partner outside their countries. Also you can search for Russian brides, girls from Ukraine, and other women from Eastern Europe with our advanced search filters. You will also find a Belarus woman in the United States, Canada, Great Britain or Australia. If you search by language, you will also find women from Belarus that can speak English.

Contrary to other sites, we do not take any charges for messages, have no hidden costs and we do not interfere between ladies and you.

You can choose the belarusian ladies you want to communicate with freely and continue the relationship off site. You can become a member without commitment, just with a membership for the period of time of your choice.

Western Men, on the other hand, find it more difficult to find a woman with traditional values and family devotion in their own cities. For this reason marriage agencies in Belarus like this one exist for men who are seriously searching for Belarusian women to marry. Exists several sites on the Internet, that are not really Belarusian brides agencies, but we do offer enough guarantees and here Belarusian girls that you see on our website, are actively looking for a partner.

Belarus girl for marriage


Belarusian girls are seeking marriage. For them, it is a social status and means realization as a woman. A lot of them want to get married and they want to start a family at an early age. If you want to marry a lady from Belarus and do not know where to look for women with this mentality, you are at the correct place. In our marriage agency in Belarus you will find a wide range of Belarus girls for marriage who are open to a steady relationship.

Western Men, on the other hand, find it more difficult to find a woman with traditional values and family devotion in their own cities. For this reason marriage agencies in Belarus like this one exist for men who want to marry a woman from Belarus. Several sites on the Internet, that are not really Belarusian brides agencies, but we do offer enough guarantees and Belarus women that you see on our website, are actively looking for a partner.

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Belarus brides for real


On this site , one can be sure to contact real Belarusian ladies on the Internet as all profiles pass a manual check before they are approved. Because we know there are scammers online, we have a strict profile moderation service to keep our site clean.

This is not the kind of belarusian dating site that sells mail order brides or sells any other information regarding our members. The thing that sets our site apart from other free dating sites that cater to “Belarussian brides” dating sites is that we are offer guarantees verified and real Belarus ladies.

Keep in mind that we do not intrude or restrict contacts. You are free to exchange personal contacts with genuine beautiful Belarus brides.

If you are wondering where to find a Belarusian lady for marriage, even if you have already searched the Internet with no results, this site is a very good option for dating a Belarus bride.

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 Belarus dating sites

There are a lot of Russian and Belarus dating sites promising to find a Russian or Belarusian wife, but you must only choose the ones offering real guarantees. One good site should allow you to talk to ladies directly and exchange personal information outside of the dating site.

Another important feature, you can know if profiles are checked by a service of moderation. So, keep in mind that there are scams of Belarus dating online.

Tips for successful to date Belarusian girls:

  • Don’t ever send money to a girl who you have never met in person before.
  • Be courteous and polite when communicating with Bielorusian women.
  • Ask for a personal contact only when you have a certain level of trust with her.
  • Feel free to communicate via videoconference to check if she is real and see her feelings.
  • On a first date, remain in public and secure places.
  • You can ask her out for coffee or dinner in a restaurant. Belarus women value generous men.
  • If you decide to have a serious affair with her, be clear about your serious intentions from the beginning.


belarusian women

Single Belarusian women

Single belarusian women often have difficulties in finding a partner because they work long hours at work and do not have time to spend on looking for a right man.

There is a large population in Russian-speaking countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. There are millions of people living in big cities like Moscow with more than 10, St. Petersburg with 5 , Kiev 3 and 2 million in Minsk.

Males have an abundance of beautiful Belarusian women that they do not value or some of them live a bad lifestyle. As a result of this mentality there are a lot of single Belarusian women.
Some of them decide to join an international dating site like ours to meet a foreign man.

This is why it is an opportunity to meet single Belarus girls for men from other countries. These days, international couples are not uncommon. Guys from all over the world meet Belarusian brides on our site. If you want to date a women from Belarus or a woman from Minsk or find a legitimate marriage agency in Belarus, this is the best place to find her.



What do the Belarusian girls look like?

Evidently everyone sees and knows about the physical beauty of the russian and belarusian girls. No one doubts this. However, there is another good reason that characterizes Belarus girls: their inner attractiveness.
A typical girl from Belarus keeps that natural femininity. They want to be attractive in men’s eyes. They care for their looks, figure and health all their life long. This is why you can see beautiful Belarus girls when surfing over internet dating sites and marriage agencies in Belarus.

They are traditional

Culturally, on the other hand, Belarusian girlsb. From an early age, they are educated to be respectful to men and care for the family. They are often engaged in housework and like decorating the home. That is why they are good housewives and good Belarus wives.

Belarus girls are hard-working, and after work, they spend much of their time with family and children. They do not earn a large salary, but they dedicate their savings to their personal care and well-being.

No to feminism

Girls from belarus do not have the ideas of the feminism of the western eastern countries. by the feminism of western countries. Due to several factors such as the emencipation of women and feminist ideas, women in the West are losing the roles of traditional women, the family is no longer a priority and in the West women give more priority to their professional career, work or friendships. This does not happen with the Belarusian woman. for them the first thing is family life and the relationship with her man.

This is why Western men are finding it increasingly difficult to find brides with traditional values ​​in their own country. For these reasons it is necessary to create a site with guarantees to give hope to single men around the world.

We want you to find a beutiful Belarus girl and succeed on our Belarusian women dating site.


Beautiful Belarus women 

On this site you will have the possibility to communicate online with a beautiful Belarusian women, you can see only the photos in the profiles of ladies to get rid of doubts. To meet a woman from Belarus, you must know that it is a process as it happens with someone who is looking for a serious relationship in her own city, unlike in this case, the distances are longer. First of all, you need to choose a good dating site that offers enough guarantees that these beautiful Belarusian women are real

 Next, you need to choose a lady that suits you and your lifestyle. In this case, we recommend that there is not much difference in age. In our photo catalog with beautiful Belarusian ladies, you can find the ideal match according to your own search criteria. Also, you should know that long-distance dating is not easy, as it requires patience and availability to travel and meet together. To do this, you have to make an attractive profile with good photos, and additionally, a detailed description of yourself. On the other hand, we always recommend taking some time to prepare a proper presentation.

To write the first message, you will have to explain what your intentions are from the beginning. First of all, you have to treat others politely, so you will be more successful and soon you will be able to date in person, instead of looking at those pictures of ladies from Belarus. This opportunity rarely occurs in life, the fact of meeting such beautiful girls at your fingertips. So take advantage of this page now to be able to talk to Belarusian girls. For men who are looking for something serious, you are in the right place for it. We assure you that here you will find the most beautiful Belarus women you have ever seen.

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Belarus ladies dating culture

If you desire to know more about Belarus dating culture and Minsk girls, let’s take a look at some of its features.

Dating culture in Belarus is much different from Western countries. First, belarusian ladies respect traditions and are traditionally raised. They are not influenced by feminism ideas. Nighlife for them is not a style of life.

If you want to meet girls from other countries, you can opt for a Ukraine dating agency, da Estonian brides ,Latvian brides or Lithuanian brides, or if you are interested in girls of Moldova or Poland women.

Minsk girls

Minsk girls are elegant and well dressed, an take care about her appareance. Ladies from Belarus prefere to stay at home with friend than be some kind party girls, they don’t live a bad life, either going out to nightclubs to drink non-stop until they are drunk.

Для женщин у нас есть знакомство с иностранцами форум.  Здесь вы можете найти обсуждение на различные темы, любовь, отношения и поддержку брака с иностранцами, например, выйти замуж за испанца.

Belarus brides Dating site

By typing on the Internet; ” Belarusian dating site”, or “Belarusian brides”, you can find many results in the search engine.  In the case of searching for a Belarusian bride , the right thing to do is to search properly on a specialized dating site like this one.  Local dating apps are not suitable in this case because there are only girls in your area.  Our site has specialized in finding Russian brides with foreign men for many years.  Some women, unable to find a partner in their country, decide to join an international dating site like this one.  To find a lady open to relationships, you have to be sure of her intentions. Women in Belarus are looking for a partner for a stable relationship and trust in relationships.  That is why the man should give guarantees by providing resources.  Of course, a relationship is not something that starts from one day to the other, it is necessary to have a little patience to gain the trust of Belarusian girls.  Only those men who choose to register here find Belarusian brides and are more successful than the rest of the users.  So, we recommend that you should seriously consider registering on our site and become a full member.  In conclusion, do not search in Google to type “Belarusian dating site”. First of all choose a good and safe site with guarantees of success and start meeting your Belarusian bride with confidence.

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