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If you are wondering how to build a strong relationship with a person when you first meet them online, we must talk about this in this article.

Why do people meet on the internet?

 If you are only looking for a casual relationship, then it is not going to be long-lasting, since such a relationship cannot be taken so seriously.  If, on the contrary, you are looking for something serious with another person, you must clarify your intentions from the beginning and have goals in common with the other person.

 Less time for relationships

 Now, as time goes by, we have more and more access to technology, and on the other hand, we have more and more access to the internet, especially thanks to social networks and online applications.  Nowadays, we are all in contact with our devices, and we can communicate with people from anywhere, either for convenience or necessity.

Why have we come to this situation?  You have to see things in perspective.  Let’s look at the most important factors;

 We must have every time we earn less money and have more work to do, with which we have less time to interact with others.  It is a reality that to maintain a lifestyle that our parents had, or a generation before us, we must now work much more than they had to work to maintain the same lifestyle.  For example, in the past it was still possible for them to buy a house for many of us in this socioeconomic style.  All this leads to a destruction of interpersonal relationships.

That being said, then how are you going to have time to find a good relationship? There are people who don’t have friends or the people you got along with in the past no longer have time to meet because they are busy even on the weekend or they are so tired of working that they don’t feel like going out because Monday to Saturday they are full of work.  And unfortunately, that doesn’t just happen to you, it happens to many other people.

How to find a partner online

 If before it was thought that whoever was searching on the internet was the desperate or the loser who cannot meet someone in the real world, now almost all of us are on the internet meeting people because we are all connected.

On the internet then, finding a partner is perfectly viable and in fact it is one of the most accessible options considering the issue of time and considering the issue of money and everything that the courtship process entails in both directions.

Regardless of the gender, then you should know that finding a partner online is not only viable, but it can be one of the best alternatives to achieve a good result today.

There are many more people using this technology, having changed these false beliefs that you will not be able to or cannot find anything serious on the internet.

 Go from a virtual relationship to real life

 Once you stop thinking negatively, then we cannot remove the reality that the relationship of a couple implies presence, it implies skin with skin, it also implies looking into your eyes, holding hands, feeling the warmth of the bodies. 

The hug, being able to listen to your partner when they had a bad day or when I had a good day, having someone to smile with and someone to get emotional with and who to invite to dinner or whoever invites me to dinner.  All of this is real life and therefore the key point for a relationship on the internet to become solid is to start migrating little by little from all the previous relationship that exists on the internet, to move to a physical relationship.

 Maybe it all started with messages, then photos, finally with videos… but all of this is a multimedia barrier.  Then you have to break it up with personal dates, staying in physical spaces where they can see each other face to face, where they can talk, where they can have sexual relations where their bodies can interact.

To the extent that you have more contact with your partner in a physical way than in a virtual way, it is that you are going to eliminate this concept that things are more ephemeral online.  If you don’t take the right steps to bring her to a physical relationship, she will only stay in the virtual plane.  You must be insistent, but without showing need.  You may send more messages or more calls, but the important thing is that they have more live dates, in real life.

 Pros and cons

 Distance is an intrinsic difficulty in long-distance relationships.  Knowing someone who lives in another country or lives in another state or lives many hours away, in these cases you cannot go out with this person every day, or every weekend. Part of the solution is to agree so that once every so often they have an appointment, but at least once every month or 3 months.

So they would have to have a weekend or about 5 days to be able to spend time together and get to know each other better.

 Another disadvantage is the idealization of your partner.  If it doesn’t get out of the virtual, the only thing that’s going to happen is that you’re going to fall in love with the fantasy of who you think that person is and that person is going to fall in love with the fantasy of who they think you are and at the same time end of the day neither is dating anyone, nor really satisfied.

 In the event that they meet in person, there will be nothing more than emotional disappointment, because the idealization of what they have in their expectations will not match reality and everything will fall apart many times due to the fear that it will fall apart. is that we maintain the relationship online.

 Here we talk about relationships, how to find a partner, how to build love.  You can see more information on this blog.

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