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In this article, we’re going to go over some online dating tips for those who already have online profiles and no results, for those tired of searching in vain, who feel like they don’t know the unwritten rules of online dating, or for those who are generally just looking for a better experience in the world of online dating.


Let’s go for it let’s talk about these 5 Useful Dating Tips:

  • Clarify your intentions from the beginning
  • Choose a dating site according to your preferences
  • Create a winning profile with good photos
  • You are not alone in the game. Stand out above the average.
  •  Be patient and respectful


Define your intentions

Online dating isn’t easy to begin with and really any form of dating in real life isn’t that easy either, but with some helpful tips we’re going to see that you can greatly improve the online dating experience.

Before going into this, it is highly advisable to have an active profile on some proper online dating website.

It is important to clarify from the beginning your intentions of what you are looking for. Fortunately, we can choose between several options; either in search of a romantic relationship, either in the medium-long term, or on the contrary, a sporadic relationship. You should ask yourself some personal questions to try to determine which online dating website is best for you.

We are going to go over some tips for those who feel like they are wasting their time on such websites.

To choose the right dating site, not all dating websites are created equal and no dating website is for everyone. The first task is to really define what you are looking for when you make a profile on any online dating site and define what type of relationship you are looking for; Whether you are just looking for a casual date or looking for serious long term relationships and possibly marriage.

What kind of dating sites?

That always depends what are you looking for. For those looking for sexual hookups, it is advisable to join non serious dating websites because a lot of the people on there aren’t looking for serious long-term relationships, but a lot of people aren’t just looking for sex either. There are great free websites out there and they are paid versions too so you can really gauge what kind of experience you want to get if you are looking for a more serious long term relationship that could lead to marriage.

It is advisable to become a member of the websites that are very established, they are some of the oldest online dating websites out there and both use great online personality tests and algorithms to try and find the best matches for you personally, really they delve deeper into a level beyond physical appearance and more into an emotional mental connection with another person.

However, it is noted that these websites require a payment in order to use them to their full capacity. But that is actually a good thing because it means that the people on the website are really serious and trying to find a relationship as those who are looking for casual relationships are more likely not to invest in their relationship as they are not that little serious.

For those who are not looking for a serious relationship, casual dating only websites are recommended because many of the people who are there are not looking for serious long-term relationships, but many people are not looking for hookups either. There are great free websites out there and some are paid versions, so you can really gauge what kind of experience you want to get if you’re looking for a more serious long-term relationship that could lead to marriage.

Niche dating

There are pages that are just for country singles, nature seekers, or vegan sites and things like that, there are plenty of examples of websites from different types of niches, so make sure to be registered in whatever your particular niche is.

Maybe you are really looking for people with a certain type of characteristic. For example there are some that really cater to certain religions and there are also other dating websites that you wouldn’t really think of as niche websites to begin with.

On the other hand, there are pages by geographical area or race. For example, sites in Eastern Europe or Asia.

Create a winning profile

 Currently people look at the first impression and appearance.  As they say, there is no second chance to create a good impression.  And this is a reality that happens both on dating sites and in real life.  That is why it is vitally important to create a striking profile that shows a good appearance, not only because of the photos, but also because of the description and hobbies.

Spend some time writing about yourself, about your character, about your hobbies, and how you like to spend your free time.

 It is not advisable to talk about your material possessions, or your money, or your cars in this sense.  Describe yourself honestly, and what you are looking for on the site.

You are not the only one in the game 

As we have previously advised, the first thing is to create a good profile and a complete description of yourself.  Then add some good photos.  But by themselves, these actions are not enough.  The most important thing is to realize that other men are flirting with women.  To stand out from the other women, you must contribute something different and have a strategy.  

For example, talking about a hobby or talking about something the other person likes.  The fact of having a hobby in common with the woman is something that attracts and makes conversation interesting.  From there you can make plans to share time together.

Be patient and perseverant

As in real life, things never work out on the first try, or if they work out the first time, it’s by chance or luck.  The same thing happens in relationships.  You have to try several times and spend time to get results.  In the same way as finding a job, you first offer a resume and then wait for a response.  Most of the time they won’t answer you.  It’s a lot like the world of dating, as you offer yourself as a candidate and then you’ll either be ignored or accepted.  Therefore, you must think that it is a process with ups and downs, and you must be aware that it is not easy.  Maybe you are lucky and find the love of your life with the first girl you contact, but it is not usual.  You must have patience and perseverance. Don’t give up!


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