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Legitimate Russian dating site


Our international russian dating site offers the guarantees for users to communicate in a truthful, safe and effective way. We are not a new site. We have been successfully matching women from Russia and Eastern Europe with men from other countries for many years.


Our own satisfied users endorse the service. We have real testimonials who found Russian partners through this site. Just take a look at the comments below



Above all, we protect the privacy of our users. Neither do we interfere with the messages nor sell the data to anyone. You have privacy options on your profile and your photos can be made invisible or deleted at any time.

Daily updates

We add new profiles of single women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Russian-speaking countries to our dating platform daily. You can also find Russian women in your country if you use advanced search parameters.


Advanced search

Our site has one of the most complete search engines, in where you can search through various search parameters to find your preferred type of russian lady.



We answer any questions and resolve any issues with your profile, membership or problem with other users. We want to help you achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to contact us

Membership benefits


There are no restrictions on exchanging personal contacts, phones, email or social networks.


Registered Russian women on our site are all actively looking for a partner. Moreover, we provide a service of moderation of profiles and removing fake profiles. You may report a suspicious member if she requests money from you.


 We are not the type of place where you have to pay for contacts or letters sent.

Of course, we never pay the ladies to chat. Each woman registers of her own free decision.


To make communication between you and the ladies easier for you we have an online translator within the site. Type letters, instantly translate and send.


Find next to each Russian girl’s profile a psychological compatibility bar. Discover if you are compatible with this Russian woman.


Above all, the privacy of our users is protected. We don’t interfere with your messages or sell your data to anyone. Your profile has privacy options and pictures can be made invisible or deleted anytime you want.


No surprise costs for the service.  You can terminate the subscription whenever you want.


Recently registered russian girls

  • Eseniya
  • Nika
  • Tatyana
  • Anastasiya
  • Lena
  • Olga
  • Irina
  • Yana
  • Natalya
  • Marina
  • Albina
  • Anna
date a russian woman dating

Date single russian woman


We are a legitimate dating site with single Russian women of international prestige. On our website you will see real single Russian girls who are looking for a dating relationship outside their countries. You can also search for beautiful Ukrainian ladies, Belarus brides and other Eastern European girls through advanced search. In addition, you will be able to find Russian women in USA, UK, Australia and Canada with english language.

Unlike other dating sites, we do not charge for messages, there are no hidden costs, and we do not interfere with them in between.

Here you will have the freedom of choice to communicate with the women you want and continue the relationship outside the site. You can become a member without commitment, only with a subscription for the period of time you choose.

single russian ladies to date

Real single Russian ladies only


On this site you can be sure to communicate with a real single Russian ladies online, because all profiles undergo manual verification before approval. We know that there are scammers on the internet and that’s why we have a rigorous profile moderation service that keeps our site clean.

We are also not a typical dating site that sells Russian mail order brides nor do we sell emails or any other information about our clients. The difference between our site and other free dating portals offering “Russian brides” is the fact that we are a real dating site with authentic and verified Russian ladies.

We do not intervene to restrict communication. You can exchange unrestricted personal contacts with real single Russian women.

If you are wondering how to date a Russian woman, if you already searched online with no results, this site is a great possibility to date Russian women for marriage and find a partner for life.

If you prefer a mature Russian woman, even if you think she is too old or you think she is not attractive enough, you are in luck, because Russian brides do not value so much the physical appearance but the other human qualities in men. On our site everything is possible.

Now online

  • Lora
  • Yana
  • Lyudmila
  • Zu
  • Vladislava
  • Aleksandra
  • Maria
  • Svetlana
  • Anastasia
  • Karina
  • Lena
  • Olechka

Best russian dating sites

There are many Russian dating sites out there that promise to find a russian wife , but you should choose the ones that offer real guarantees. The best Russian dating website is one where you can speak directly to the ladies and exchange personal contacts outside the dating site. Another important feature,  you can know out if profiles are checked by a moderation service. So keep in mind that there are Russian online dating scams.

Le’s talk about some useful tips when dating a russian woman rules like this;


Dating russian woman rules:

  •  Never send money online to a lady you have never met before in person.
  •  Be courteous and kind in communication with the Russian woman.
  • Ask for personal contact only when you have a certain level of trust with her.
  • You can communicate through video conference to check if she’s real, and see her gestures and emotions.
  • On the first date, stay in public and safe places.
  • You can invite her to have a coffee or dinner at a restaurant. Russian women value generous men.
  • If you want a relationship with her, make your serious intentions clear from the beginning.

Why so many single russian women online 

Russian-speaking countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, have many inhabitants. Millions of people live in big cities such as Moscow with more than 10, Saint Petersburg with 5 or Kiev with 3 million. 

In these countries, single Russian women often find it difficult to find a partner because they spend many hours at work and do not have time to devote to looking for a suitable man. 

Russian men, on the other hand, have such an abundance of attractive Russian girls that they do not value them or some of them lead a bad life. As a consequence of this mentality there are so many single Russian women.  
Many of them decide to join an international dating site like ours to find a foreign man. 

That is why it is an opportunity for men from other countries to meet single Russian girls. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see international couples. Men from all over the world find Russian brides on our site. If you want to date Russian women from Moscow or find a legitimate russian dating agency in Saint Petersburg this site is the best choice. 


women from Russia

Russian women features 

Traditionally, single Russian women have different features from the rest of the world and have special characteristics. In the first place, they are very traditional and classic, in the sense that they are characterized by being highly cultured. One of the main features of single women in Russia is that they have a rich cultural background, they study various university degrees, learn languages, read books by Pushkin or Dovstoesky… They are educated throughout their lives. This feature makes single Russian ladies some of the most cultured in the world.

So, If you want to date women from Russia, it is important to be polite and have good manners to show your level of education

Russian women features:

  • They have a rich cultural background
  • They have a strong character
  • Russian girls are pretty and feminine
  • They always dress elegantly
  • They take care of their physical appearance
  • Mature Russian women also take care of themselves
  • They keep traditional values
  • Family is the most important thing for them
  • They are romantic in relationships
  • They are good wives and housewives

If you like the traits of Russian girls and you are a single man, this is one of the best dating sites to find a single Russian lady

Why dating women from Russia attract foreign men

Obviously we all see and know the physical beauty of these women.
But there is still another good reason; the inner beauty.
Women in Russia preserve the feminine part culturally. On the one hand, they want to be attractive in the eyes of men. They take care of their appearance, figure and health throughout life. That is why we can see beautiful and mature russian women even after their 40’s.

On the other hand, they preserve traditional values. Since they were little, they are educated to respect men and take care of the family. They often take care of housework and like to decorate the home. Therefore, they are good housewives and good Russian wives.
Russian women are hard-working, and after work, they spend much of their time with family and children. They do not earn a large salary, but they dedicate their savings to their personal care and well-being.

Russian girls are not influenced by the feminism of western countries. Due to the emancipation of women or due to gender equality and feminist ideas, Western women are losing the roles of women. In the West, the family is no longer so important and these women give more priority to their professional career, work or friends. This does not happen with the Russian woman. First of all, the first thing is family life for them.

On the other hand, men have a harder time finding women with traditional values and devotion to the family.
On our site you can find real Russian and Ukrainian women who are really looking for a partner outside their countries. Also you can find ladies in other slavic countries, dating girls from Moldova, marrying a latvian woman ,  join a Poland dating site or date a kazakh woman.   We are a recognized international Russian dating site. Here you can choose the ladies with whom you want to communicate freely and continue with an off-page relationship.

Russian personals for real

If you are interested in looking for a real Russian woman on our site you will find real Russian personals, you can use our advanced search engine. With specific parameters, you can search for genuine Russian girls who are actively looking for a stable partner for serious purposes. All Russian personals are individually verified to ensure your safety when contacting Russian ladies.

russian ladies dating culture

Russian ladies dating culture

Russian ladies dating culture is very different from the night life of western countries. Russian ladies do not go out often at night, only rarely in a special celebration. They do not go out frequently to bars or night clubs. they stay with friends, especially in winter they make life inside houses. A russian lady wastes no time drinking herself drunk or leading a bad life.

Moscow girls and Saint Petersburg women

Russia is a country with about 150 million inhabitants. Many single Moscow girls are living in the capital. Some of them decide to join a quality international site to find love outside their city. On the other hand many St. Petersburg women are also looking for a love and relationship. That is why it is an excellent opportunity for men from all over the world to meet women from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

What are Siberian women like?

Siberian women are characterized by living in very cold areas of Russia. This may make you think that Siberian girls have a cold character, but in reality it is not so. These women are always looking for a warm atmosphere around them, with family and friends, only when they are confident, they are more open to strangers.

On our site you can find women from Siberia, in such important cities of the region as Barnaul, Novossibirsk or Vladivostok. In addition to meeting ladies from Russia, here you will also find girls from other Slavic and Baltic countries like Estonian ladies and Lithuanian brides, or from other areas like Georgian women , dating Romanian ladies or this Armenian dating site

Samara girls and Ekaterinburg women

On our dating site you will also find Samara girls and  Ekaterinburg women. Thanks to our search engine, you can select by city, in this case Samara or Ekaterinburg. Women in Russia are beautiful, but especially in this city. They say that the women of Samara or Ekaterinburg are the most beautiful in Russia. Here you can find women from any specific city. Many of these cities are located in central Russia, they were part of the former Soviet Union and are not as modern as Moscow or St. Petersburg. They also say that girls in Samara and Yekaterinburg are the most authentic

Meeting Russian brides here is possible

 Men from all over the world meet Russian brides here. This legitimate Russian dating site has many real testimonials over the years . Some of these men live with their Russian brides in their own cities. Many of these couples moved in together, got married and today live happily. If you want to have the same luck, do not hesitate to register for free on our free dating site to find Russian brides.

Russian dating sites free. Pros and cons

Apparently the only advantage of a free dating site is that you don’t have to pay for membership. But these sites have many disadvantages. The difference between a free dating site with others is that there is no profile moderation. This is the point. Without a check, scammers can easily sign up with fake photos of pretty Russian girls, posing as them. So the percentage of fake profiles is very high on free dating sites For your safety, you should choose sites with guarantees and that offer a strict verification service, with protection against scams. A russian dating site for free does not offer such advantages. For these reasons, the best option is to choose legitimate russian dating sites with guarantees and safety,

Meet Russianwomen in our russiandating site

If you want to meet Russianwomen online nowadays it is easier than ever. There is a possibility to contact Russia women directly through your mobile device. Thanks to this technology men from all over the world got in touch with Russiangirls, had dates with them and found Russian partner.
If you are looking for a Russianwoman for a stable relationship, you are in the right place to find your ideal Russian bride.
There are many Russian women who cannot find a man in their country and that is why they register with international marriage agencies.
Single Russianwomen registered on our russiandating site are genuinely looking for a life partner. So don’t miss this opportunity, register now, and start meeting Russiangirls.

Для женщин, заинтересованных в регистрации, мы международный сайт знакомств или здесь также возможно выйти замуж за иностранца.

Для українок, зацікавлених у реєстрації, ми сайт знайомств з іноземцями або тут також можливо вийти заміж за іноземця


 Women Russia

To meet women Russia you need to know who is looking for a serious relationship abroad, it can be a long or short process. First of all, you need to choose a good dating site where it offers sufficient guarantees that women have passed a profile moderation check. Secondly, you need to think about a profile that fits your lifestyle.  .  It is recommended that you choose women of your own age.  Here are women Russian of all kinds, you can find the perfect match using the search criteria.  Also, you should know that dating someone in Russia is not easy because it takes time and patience. Third, you should create an attractive profile with your professional photos and write a detailed description of yourself.  We recommend that you take your time before publishing your presentation.  Of course, in the first message, you have to explain your intentions to the woman of Russia.  Finally, you should treat her politely.  This way you will be successful in your dating and we hope you can meet women in Russia soon

Ratio of women in Russia

 Did you know that there is a ratio surplus of women in Russia?  This phenomenon is due to the fact that men have a short life expectancy due to alcohol problems or armed conflict.  In general, men in Russia do not care about their appearance and age, which quickly leads to higher mortality.  This is why we have seen a surplus of women in Russia for decades.  According to World Database statistics in Russia, there is the following ratio: 55% women and 45% men


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